Awesome month for Administration English Club, Faculty of Administrative Science, Brawijaya University. This month, AEC was succesfully gained three trophies in debate competition. The recent competition was Politika Brawijaya which held by EM (Eksekutif Mahasiswa) Brawijaya University. FIA as the representative of Brawijaya University beat Universitas Indonesia in the Semi-Final and Universitas Padjajaran in Final Round.

The winners are :

  1. Ryan Dwi Firmansyah – Public Administration 2014
  2. Amalia Ishthafah A. – Business Administration 2013
  3. Hanang Ilham Yohana – Public Administration 2014

“As the champion, we are so happy to bring the name of faculty and university in the national level. We believe that every student in every University have the same quality and competitiveness.” said Amalia.

This title is very meaningful for Administration English Club because it keeps the consistency of giving achievements toward students, faculty, and university.