Administration English Club

of Brawijaya University

Education Division


Routine Class

 Routine Class
Routine Class four times a week with the different class schedule. We provide four classes which the students can apply for choose the class that they like, that is speaking, writing, reading, listening. Exactly, this program aims to improve our ability in English both for external and internal AEC.

 Sekolah Wong Cilik
It is the one and only charity program of AEC by giving such of educational and helps the children facing the curriculum in their school. The program was run since 2011 and located in Panjaitan St. In here, we didn’t placing ourselves as the teacher, but as the brother and sister who try assist them with their academic matter in the schools.

 TOEIC Class Preparation
TOEIC Class Preparation is program to learn and practice about TOEIC matters, which is handled by Ms. Widi one of English lecturer in University of Malang. Because of the higher demand comes from either University of Brawijaya or Faculty of Administrative Science toward the student who has to pass the TOEIC examination before they are graduate, thus AEC as the English organization provide the TOEIC Class Preparation to assist them, especially student in final semester.