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Training Organization (TO) for BOC 2014


AEC has many great event to increase the quality of resource member of AEC or called Board of Committee (BOC). Training Organization held by Human Resource Division of AEC. This first training organization on 2014 period, held in Gubuk Klakah. Gubuk Klakah is a cozy village in the district of Poncokusumo, Malang. On March 22th-23th, 2014, Training Organization began with an opening act and briefing in the backyard of building B of FIA at 7 AM, and went to the villa Gubuk Klakah at 8 p.m. After we arrived there, we had a game. That was something so interesting in that moment, because BOC have to memorize a short biography of their friends each division. After that, we played the game. Someone who cannot memorize the short biography of their friends would be give punishment. That game was so fun and having good value to develop sense of belonging among all of division members.

Next to the second schedule are introducing to history of AEC, so the BOC can know and understand more about AEC included the history, who is the pioneer, how was the activities, what were the achievement that have been got by AEC, etc. It also can create understanding among BOC of their duties and responsibilities according their position. Improving a sense of belonging between the BOC with the Board of Alumni (BOA) and increasing the sense of solidarity among BOC. We also playing a game named proposal game. It purpose for training BOC to make a proposal. Then, this game can implement in the future for BOC when they want to propose some event.

Training Organization took two days and one night. Overall, it had unique and interesting activities, including learning activities, and introduction about history of AEC, introduction to BOA, learn how to make a proposal, having fun games, and big show time each division. In the Sunday morning, when we were taking breakfast, Mrs. Sri Mangesti Rahayu, as Vice Dean III came to see our Training Organization. At the closing of this Training Organization, the committee announced the winner of the game, best group of outbond game also the winner of talent show.

Basically the event aims to introduce new BOC and AEC toward the members, So, by this event all new member of BOC can know and understand what and how EAC itself. Training Organization on periode 2014 was really fun, amazing, and unforgettable. Hope by doing this event can make strengthen our fellowship. So, are you ready for the next event? :D

Upgrading Focus in English: Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation Paper Presentation1 Paper Presentation2 Paper Presentation3

Human Resource Division held first upgrading program to improve the quality of Board of Committee (BOC). Upgrading is a regular agenda of AEC. This upgrading program has an aim to increase English Language skill that is speaking, writing, listening and reading of each BOC.

Upgrading AEC held on June 1st, 2014, focus on improving the English Language skills of the BOC, with the theme “The Multiplier Effect of Tourism”. Each division is required to create and present their essay that has been made. This theme is very interesting and has a great subject to discussion by BOC. Each division made essay very well and present amazingly. When a division presents their essay, it also will be guide by Mrs. Widi, our trainer on TOEIC Class. Mrs. Widi will evaluate our presentation, according to grammar, content of essay, fluently speak in English and our performance. The first presenter is coming from Reasoning Division, then followed by PAD division, until the last one closed by an impressive present of Public Relation Internal Division. After performing all essay by each division, continued with discussion with reply and answer from BOC. This session run well and bright because have many different opinion coming from each BOC.

The essence of upgrading is needed to be having discussion intensively in English. According to Mrs. Widi, when we are learning English, especially when learning writing English, it’s require a true grammar, it’s different with when we are learning speaking English. Because writing having its own structure, then on speaking, the major point is how to make conversation become communicative. Mrs. Widi said it “Bahasa Salah Paham”, you are having wrong grammar on speaking, but Mrs. Widi understands what you mean.

This is the story of our first Upgrading AEC period 2014, hope you enjoy it!


IMG_6736 English Mentoring

Mentoring is one of activities that be held for new student of Faculty of Administrative Science (FIA). The form of activity by giving English materials to improve English capability both in terms of materials itself and practices also. This event will be ran by all Committes of AEC and dedicated to all Brawijaya students. An event that consist of English Mentoring is one step forward to have a better chance in advancing MABA FIA for having new spirit and knowledge about english itself. Hopefully, this big event will significantly give contribution for FIA students to develop their quality as a high performing university students in a reputable faculty.

Training Organization (TO) for Freshmen 2014

TO Newbie TO Newbie1 TO Newbie3 TO Newbie4 TO Newbie5

This is a very special event conducted by AEC. It’s a routine agenda of Human Resource Division of AEC, named “Training Organization for Freshman”. This is a full package of program to make freshman know more about AEC. This activity was run in two days. The first day was about outbound game. The second day was discussion about AEC deeply, debate exhibition, and special performing from each participant. Our guest is Agustin Capriati as Mawapres UB 2014. AEC also gave a special performing for participants, which is dance Shisasa performance dance. As our routine agenda of AEC, it puporsing to introduce what is AEC for FIA’s freshmen and attract them toward AEC as the new member. Besides that, this program is to make understand the FIA’s freshmen of AEC in order to join with AEC learning English deeply. Thus, the majority of FIA’s freshmen can interest to AEC then enroll it to improve their capability in English.