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  • English Parade 2014


AEC FIA UB has successfully held the English Parade 2014 with the theme World Cup. Why AEC make World Cup as a theme? Because the event of English Parade 2014 is approaching the World Cup in Brazil. In addition, the committee expects that by having theme World Cup can make the race debate in English Parade 2014 with a sense of spirit and supportive. The committee uses the tagline “My Debate is Fairplay” to expect participants can compete with healthy debate.
English Parade 2014 is annual event that conducting competition of English Debate in nationwide of university level. It was reached their top of the event from Friday, April 18th, at 1 p.m. till Sunday, April 20th at 5 p.m. Participated by 32 teams came from around of Indonesia. This event was about national wide open debate, with a great motions, all participants felt happy and so excited.
“Unforgetable, Amazing, And Greatest Event I Ever Had” said The Chairman Committee of English Parade 2014 – Hara.
The result of this competition is :
First Winner ———– SIRLA from ITB
First Runner Up ——- MENTOR and MENTEE from Univ.Bakrie and POLINEMA
Second Runner Up —– LUXURY from UGM
Third Runner Up ——- FAHRI &LEIDY from Univ. BRAWIJAYA
The Champion Of English Parade 2014 SIRLA-ITB:
“The competition is well organized, a very good example for an open debate that has 4 rounds in one day. The motions are also very interesting and relevanting to debate on. we’re happy to win the tournament”
English Parade 2014 have been done, hope we can meet the participants again on English Parade next year with a great concept again. Greeting fair play from AEC FIA Brawijaya!

Along period 2014, AEC already joined in many competitions in both inside and outside Malang:
a. The 4th Annual Alsa E-Challenge Chapter Padjadjaran University
February 28th –March 3rd, 2014

b. ESP Great Present Open Debate Competition
May 23rd – 25th, 2014


d. Malang Newbie Debate Competition (MNDC) 2014
December 19th – 21st , 2014
From 3 teams, we have 1 team manage to go to octofinal, but failed to enter quarter final.
e. Olimpiade Brawijaya 2014

f. East java Varsities English Debate (EJVED) 2014
November 21st – 23rd, 2014
The team only got 2 VPs and failed to go to next round, but the N1 adjudicator manage to break into the next round.
1. Semifinalist Farmer’s Java English Debate Competition 2007.
2. Semifinalist EJVED 2008.
3. Quarter Finalist Nasional Debate Competition E-Fest Unila Lampung 2012.
4. 2nd Runner Up National Ponorogo Ultimate Debate 2011.
5. Runner Up of ASTRA Debat Bahasa Indonesia 2011
6. 1st Winner Kompetisi Debat Brawijaya Jawa Timur 2011.
7. 2nd Runner Up of National ALSA-UI English Paper Presentation 2012.
8. 2nd Runner Up of News Casting Competition of Olimpiade Brawijaya 2014
9. 1st Winner of Debat Bahasa Indonesia Business and Banking Fair of STIE Perbanas Surabaya 2015

Story Telling Competition of Olimpiade Brawijaya 2014

2nd Runner Up of News Casting Competition Olimpiade Brawijaya 2014

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