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Refreshing Day

Refreshing Day

Refreshing Day2

Refreshing Day3

Activity to refresh spirit of BOC since hectic events held, and get a refreshing for a day. In this period, we held two times of refreshing day. First are conducted rujak party and sweet corn party in the beginning of committee. Second, we go to Goa Cina Beach located in South Malang when the end of our committee. So happy when we could gather all of BOC like these, because it is one of way to build our sense of fellowship and fun more and more.

Photo Session

Photo Session

Photo Session1

Take some pictures of new BOC of AEC 2014 in order to show and introduce the new member of AEC. Photo Session held two times in the beginning and end of our committee, which is firstly aims to introduce for public like external of AEC. Then, secondly photo purposes as documentation that decorated in AEC’s base camp.



Monthly bulletin that shared to all LOF of FIA Brawijaya. It is consist of informations around AEC itself and also a few information about Fun Grammar, News, Quiz, Zodiac, and so on. Thus, they know about what is AEC’s activities held also that related English matters.

AEC’s Anniversary “Crown”








AEC FIA UB has stepped into 23rd years old. This was so long way which can still exist in the FIA. In order to celebrate the 23rd anniversary, AEC proud to organize a series of activities that we named CROWN. CROWN is an acronym of “CelebRate Our Wonderful aNniversary”. In this event, consists of two activities, namely Indonesian Debate and Story Telling competition for all of student in FIA. The purpose of this activity in addition to commemorate the anniversary of the AEC, by introducing debate more closely, step by step through using Indonesian language first. On this Anniversary, we hope that AEC will develop and can improve on facilitate FIA’s student to learn English. Actually AEC’s anniversary is first time conduced like this, means before just celebration for internal AEC that is BOC and BOA. But nowadays, this event was conducted for all of FIA’s students, especially for LOF (organizations in FIA) because honestly the goal is to keep sense of fraternity and brotherhood among us. So that in the future, AEC can make cooperation as well as relationship be better. Very thanks for all participants either LOF and student of FIA whose already contributed toward the success of this event. Happy Anniversary AEC !!!





Samba or acronym of “Sambut Maba” is a kind of annual event of AEC. Samba has purpose to introduce AEC to the freshman 2015 of FIA. On this occasion, we distribute the information about what is AEC, the activities that we are concern, and the benefits if you are join AEC. We give them a brochure and sticker too. Besides that, we also socialize AEC through talking with them and doing interesting performance by mini drama combine with dance performance.