Meet Mr. Silver “Mascot of Fantasia”

Hi students !!! My name is Mr. Silver I am the official mascot for Fantasia 2016 I am ambitious, friendly, and always on fire 😀 I am going to meet you all in FANTASIA 2016 therefore, make sure you will be there. do not make Mr. Silver disappointed 😉



Fantasia is coming

Hi students, hereby we would like to inform you that soft launching of FANTASIA National English Olympic will be conducted on 13 of August 2016. get ready and prepare yourself #Fantasia Note: Fantasia is an event to celebrate 25 years of AEC

Holiday does not mean nothing

GREAT NEWS !!! last week AEC was successfully grab the third (3rd) place in ESF (Equilibrium Science Fair) 2016 in Udayana University, Bali. eventhough, it was a holiday time, the spirit of AEC squad was never falling down. Since 2016 period, AEC got several achievements especially in Debate 4th Place of MTQ English Debate Wast […]


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AEC will celebrate its 25 years

Administration English Club (AEC) has a good news for those English lovers. This year, AEC will celebrate its 25 years or the silver age of them. AEC declares that they want to create great events. one of them is Fantasia. Fantasia is the concept for two event which are english olympic for senior high school […]

What is Faculty of Administrative Science

Introduction of FIA (Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi a.k.a Faculty of Administrative Science)   A lot of people are wondering what Faculty of Administrative Science is. Some of them think that the Faculty is working on creating students to become employee in “Office (perkantoran)” then end up in administrative division. Well, the Faculty’s aim is way far […]



AEC got the first champion of POLITIKA BRAWIJAYA Debate Competition

Awesome month for Administration English Club, Faculty of Administrative Science, Brawijaya University. This month, AEC was succesfully gained three trophies in debate competition. The recent competition was Politika Brawijaya which held by EM (Eksekutif Mahasiswa) Brawijaya University. FIA as the representative of Brawijaya University beat Universitas Indonesia in the Semi-Final and Universitas Padjajaran in Final […]